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Eyesight health

  Eyesight health

Eyesight health video naturally promotes a Natural Eye Vision program that is both holistic and preventative healthcare in nature, prevention is better than a cure.

Eyesight health video with a guide on how to rebuild eye vision.. More info.

Eyesight health naturally with a Natural Eye Vision program is possible with a  Natural Eye Vision program with series of user-friendly eye exercises.  It is holistic in nature, it is better to avoid negative habits forming in life that to have a negative effect on a healthy body, mind and the spirit.

Eyesight health
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Eyesight health naturally.

Eyesight health naturally is not as difficult as many people may believe, one could argue that it is not difficult to live a healthy life n general if you can manage to avoid all the pitfalls that come along the way with temptations to live an unhealthy life.  They include unnecessary cigarette smoking and excessive alcohol drinking for a recreational purpose.  There are exceptions, of course, sickness and disease.  And it is possible that many people smoke and drink excessively because they have not discovered ways to think and process mental energies that would give them a naturalö high without the toxins doing damage to the lungs from  tobacco smoking, or the liver and the mental damage caused by excessive alcohol abuse. The world population needs a lot of TLC to live generally a healthy life without sickness and disease.

Eyesight health naturally because prevention is better than cure.

Eyesight health naturally is possible with a Natural Eye Vision Exercise program that works to strengthen the eye vision system with regular exercises and well balanced general health and fitness and specific essential nutrients.  See this link for more details. 

Eyesight health may be possible to improve generally by improving the general lifestyle habits and improving in these general areas.

  • Identify any toxins that may be in the living environment.
  • Take measures to avoid toxic environments.
  • Daily regular physical exercise.
  • Balanced nutrition in the daily diet.
  • Learn to do relaxation exercises after near-point stress from a work situation.
  • Understand how eye exercises may be used to reverse specific eye vision problems.
  • Give quality time to rest the eyes in a peaceful relaxed environment.

Eyesight health naturally with eye vision exercises do offer many benefits that are preventative in nature, make use of this good advice by watching these videos and visiting this site for the Online Eyesight Test.


Ocular muscles

Ocular muscles of the human eye vision system.

This short video demonstrates how the eye muscles work together to move the eye. Get my new (May 2013) interactive book on your iPad, …

Ocular muscles and the actions of the eyes

Ocular muscles of the human eye vision system are fascinating to study, here is a short animated video with the actions of the ocular muscles moving the eyes. Watch this short video prepared and presented to you on the YouTube channel.

Ocular muscles
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Actions of the eyes by the ocular muscles

There are four muscles per eye that move the eyes up and down, and side to side.
Names of three muscles are:

  • Medial rectus.
  • Inferior Oblique
  • Superior Oblique
  • Lateral Rectus
  • Superior Rectus
  • Inferior Rectus.

Ocular muscles do need a special attention to make sure they line up the eyes accurately, if one eye is just slightly out of line the result will be a blurred vision or double vision. The ocular muscles need to line up both eye precisely on the focused object so that the visible object is seen as one singular object. Learn more on how to take care of your eye vision for life, visit this link now.

Ocular muscles contraction and relaxation

Four of the ocular muscles control the movement of the eye in the four cardinal directions: up, down, left and right. Ocular muscles contract and the opposite side muscles relax at the same time, enabling a synchronization of the eye movement. See video for clear presentation of the eye movements.

Essential nutrients for the eye vision

Essential nutrients are necessary for a healthy eye vision, similar all other biological systems of the human body they need a constant supply of life-giving nutrients.  Essential nutrients for the eye vision are also manufactured into a supplement form. health eating habits ensure that the body receives all of the necessary nutrients that all of the eleven biological organ systems need.

Decision training

Decision training course available on  a series of 8 Audio Video training modules.

Decision making training video training course available from this link at

Decision training video course is a great refresher to sharpen up decision-making skills

There are all sorts of decisions that people make without thinking twice about it, because of the memory capacity to store information from previous knowledge and experiences, one experience can store useful information for when needed.

It is important to know a reliable process in decision making.  Using personal values, moral values, and a list of ideas to consider as a tool in the decision-making process. The creative path to finding a solution to a problem is with the help of a checklist.  Creative decision making allows the mind to invent new creative ideas, links, leads, structure and new concepts in thinking.

Decision training skills with confidence

Having a well thought out plan of a decision-making process in decision making allows you to improve your decision-making confidence.  It is important to focus on the process of decision making and not so much on the decision problem when faced with issues that demands action.
Humans can evaluate and reflect on the moments of decision, that was made in the past, whether the result was a desirable one, or a negative one.  Decision, can also to have a negative outcome but still be the best decision that was made at the time with the available information.  It is also called a “reflection”.  Intuition has its role in the decision-making process. Good decision making begins with logic and intuition.  Evaluating a problem analytically, looking at it logically but these alone may not reveal the core of the problem, so creativity can be used to animate the issue, to expand a list of ideas that open up the range of possibilities.


Decision training
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The goal of decision training

The goal of this Decision training course is to have a set of guidelines and values that the decision-making process can be based on so that decision making is effective and right.   Here are some important points:

  • To have the confidence of knowing that you made the best choice
  • Know when you made the best decision
  • You can know that you made the best decision
  • How to make a confident decision
  • A confident decision maker also has the courage to act
  • And knowing after the decision has been made that it still stands, there are no regrets, because it was the best decision at the given time.

Decision training is not really new, it happens a lot during the education years at school and training, the environment of the education is packed with courses, demands, classes, lectures, exams and more.  The opportunities for decision making are there but a personal decision-making skill may be lacking, not being aware that there is a short route and a long route between the objective goal and destination.

Decision training for personal competence

The study modules of a college course is a good example how to get through it and pass the exams.  To see the big picture at the start is really important, an outline of the semester, or semesters, does help to plan out the work, weeks and months that are up ahead.  There are moments when decisions have to stick, and be very decisive, time management is one of them. Personal discipline for a study is another one that makes or breaks the course outcome. There should be a continual progress is learning, understanding the material that is being presented, and processing that information sensibly and coming up with answers and solutions to the critical questions that is being presented as a challenge to share a point of view, and to pass the test criterion with flying colors.


Preservation of investment capital

Preservation of investment capital is at the forefront of the priorities in the Winning trade System video training modules.

Preservation of capital is the number one priority in financial investing, number two priority is the patient wait for opportunity. This video is part one…

Preservation of investment capital is vitally important

Preservation of investment capital is the number one priority to keep in mind when committing to trade in the markets, to make investments as an individual investor. But for many it is a process of trial and error, most traders that lose money in the trade, which is 98% of all traders in the market, trade with impulse, rumors, tips, and market volatility that has nothing to do with their planning.
Preservation of investment capital made possible with the Winning Trade System

The Winning Trade System training course that has been made available has a high strategic level competence training for trading in the stock market for profit with safe options.

Preservation of investment capital can be achieved with highly accurate results by using real life experience in trading with technique and tactics, here are two examples that are been made available as video training modules in the Winning Trade System. Teaching you to trade better, and helping you to understand the markets better as well as learning to be a safe trader.

  • SFW
  • Ration trading

The above two a highly advanced techniques that are being taught through video training series called the Winning Trade System, SFW is a system named Small frequent wins, a technique using small safe investments, it is an income generating system that can be used daily for making income once the understanding and the competence level is reached to use it. Ration trading, somewhat similar to Para-trading, but it is not the same as Para-trading.
Short term investments

These are not long-term investments, but rather short-term investments, one to two days, or a week or possibly a month at the most, two of the high goals in this training course are:

  1.  Preservation of investment capital. No wild bets on the market. Not over trading. 98% of traders trade on impulse, rumors, tips, market volatility.
  2. Patience to wait, and learn to recognize the opportunities to profit, with techniques and systems that enable frequent small wins and bigger ones when a perfect set up occurs.

“A set up occurs under a specific circumstance, that gives you an opportunity to profit. ….. Using technique and systems to win….. using calculated strategic positions… where you carefully calculate the odds of success, in any of the trades that you take” . -Winning Trade System.

Preservation of investment capital
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What is the Winning Trade System?

Winning Trade System is a video training series with 16 videos that can be downloaded to a computer and viewed at your own pace and experience level, the training does not assume a previous stock and trade experience, it can be useful for experienced traders or for others that are just starting out in the learning process of trading. The training modules do require a keen interest in the stock market topic and attention span to match the training material in order to absorb the information and process the application so that understanding and competence level is achieved. The training video material do not push for any commitments to any particular investment or any particular stock or market brand, it is a training resource for profitable safe investing. Watch the preview of the introduction video of the series from this hyperlink.

Preservation of investment capital
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Decision-making process

The Decision-making process is a vital safety mechanism for the best and right decisions.

Decision making process is a vital part of decision making that determines which is the right decision and what is the best decision at the given time with the available information – visit web site

Decision-making process can be a very basic process to implement

The basic switch is to be more conscious of the decision making process, and then to refine it according to intent. A bit like a check list to select and qualify the many given options that may be presented. It ensures that all bases are covered, and it also filters out the bad and the wrong options that may appear to be something else through imaginary illusion.

Decision making process
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So what is it?  what does it do for you?  At the very basic level it can be compared to a basic grocery shopping list, it ensured that all items are considered and covered while shopping for groceries, because memory can be very subjective to the visible advertising being offered to the customers walking the isles.  The memory may fail, and not remember everything when spontaneously shopping for food items.     It channels the grocery shopping mission into it’s proper perspective, placing constraints on time, spending and selection, the food items and a well-balanced nutrition is the main focus of that particular venture into the unknown world of modern day Godzilla size Shopping Malls.

The Decision-making process is on your side, like a best friend, it protects and guards against the wrong and bad decisions that usually end up costing you more money than that was necessary.  At the food and health level, the consequences of the wrong and bad decisions make you feel flat and out of energy, which is unnecessary, really.

Decision making process can also be more elaborate and handle various complex environments

Making good decisions is also a direct reflection of and on your own character, all decisions made create some kinds of ripples that go on affecting something or someone more or less.  The affect may be a joyful one, it may be a surprise or it could be trivial, it may be great or small, but decisions made in the conscious physical realm do make an impact on the world that we live in. Decision making process can be mastered in a way that generates positive energy, gives a good report, does good deeds, over delivers, and brings dreams to reality and harms no one in any self-centered ambitions or business pursuit processes in any way or any time.


Retina human vertebrate

 Retina human vertebrate  eye anatomy cross cut illustrated, and the functions explained

The Retina human vertebrate is the innermost tunic of the Eyeball, the neural tunic.

 Retina human vertebrate eye, consist of inner neural layer and a outer pigmented layer.  The inner neural layer contains the photo receptors, both rods and cones that detect light, as well as the neurons that the photo receptors stimulate in order to send signals to the brain.

The Retina human vertebrate anatomy:

  • Choroid
  • Pigmented epithelium
  • Photoreceptors: rods and cones.
  • Neurons: Retinal ganglion cells, bi-polar cells.
  • Optic nerve axons.
  • Amacrine cells.
  • Bipolar cells
  • Horizontal cells
Retina human vertebrate
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The  photoreceptors constantly release glutamate and stops when it hyperpolarizes.

Bipolar cell are neurons which it’s dendrite photo receptors synapse with, and which axion synapse with Retinal ganglion cells.
When a Photoreceptor absorbs a photon it hyper polarizes, and stops producing glutamate, the change is detected by the bipolar cells, and the information passed on to the Gnaglian cells.

Horizontal cells are neurons that run perpendicular to the bipolar cells and are located where the photo receptors synapse with the bipolar cells, like the Amacrite cells the Horizontal cells can facilitate or inhibit signaling between the photoreceptors and the Retinal gnaglion cells.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Transduction occurs in the photoreceptors all other neurons; bipolar, ganglion, horizontal and amacrine interact with synapses.

Retina human vertebrate eye gets more and more fascinating as the information and knowledge unfold it’s hidden secrets. From the outer choroid layer to the inner neurons the Retina human vertebrate is a marvel.

Retina human vertebrate eye has many nutritional needs

Nutritional needs for the essential nutrients and food pigments that are also called antioxidants. Weakening eye vision can be corrected, improved and maintained with a Natural Eye Vision program that is 100% natural. The holistic approach to health does work for those people that take the time to give the eye vision the right condition and environment to grow, change, repair and to renew itself with the natural biological process. Most likely the cause of weakening eye vision is neglect, unhealthy environment, over stress, overworked, and poor general health. Learn how to improve the eye vision health for life.

Science of changing your mind

 The Science of changing your mind explained by Joe Dispenza.

Joe Dispenza – Evolve Your Brain – The Science of Changing Your Mind Download the Evolve Your Brain PDF –

Science of changing your mind is a possibility

The Science of changing your mind and the ever changing Brain-body connections is a fascinating topic to study.
This video is really interesting listening, it points out how the mind is able to transcend the physical brain, and how reinforced habits become a physical expansion of the brain to the entire body, commanding over the executive mind, if the physical habits are not constrained with self control over the physical body.

Science of changing your mind
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Self-discipline with creative proactive thinking can make new connections.

Joe Dispenza points in the Science of changing your mind book that to bring about change in a personal life, it has to be initiated with a consciousness of the situation and to think greater than what is the given norm and normal patterns.  Similarly to; knowingly being lost inside a maze, the confusion of the maze should not confuse the mind, but to see outside of the maze with a clear perspective.  The immediate environment can confuse, if allowing the brain to get all of the confusing attention. Being selective with the willful mind on what information data the brain gets to store, or changing the environment, or relocating to a more cohesive environment.

Here is a link to this great book:

Evolve Your Brain: The Science of Changing Your Mind.

Here is a quote from the book The science of changing your mind:

We humans have a unique capacity to change.  It is via the frontal lobe that we go byond the preprogrammed behavious that are genetically compartmentalized within the human brain, the recorded history of our specie’s past.  Because our frontal lobe is more evolved than any other species on earth, we have tremendous adaptability, and with it come choice, intent, and full awareness.  We posess and advanced bit
of biotechnology that allows us to learn from our mistakes and shortcomings, to remember, and to modify our behavior so that we can do a better job in life.

Also that humans have a Divine aspect, that gives humans the right to design and change their own lives the way they want.

Science of changing your mind is made by the decision making process

The decision making process is a vital part of the free will, intelectual consciouness and self awareness to think, observe, plan a course and to take action. Intelligent ideas should become a goal inlife, if they are noble, moral and have include grace and human good will.

Benefit ginger spice

Benefit ginger spice should be experienced by everyone, it is 100% natural remedy The Heath Benefits of Ginger are many. Ginger is one of the world’s seven most potent disease-fighting spice…

Benefit ginger spice from early in the morning to late in the evening can be rewarding.

Benefit ginger spice ingredient in ready prepared meals does vary, the ingredient size and the composition do vary from the early morning breakfast to the late evening snack to satisfy hunger.  The most common meal times are; breakfast, lunch and dinner, with several snack times in between, which can include hot beverages tea & coffee.  Ideally these meals are loaded with all of the good nutrients that the eleven systems of the body needs, and also to satisfy the feeling of the stomach with consumed food, and the flavors of spice on the taste buds sensors with the familiar delicious flavors that are desirable and enjoyable to experience.

Benefit ginger spice
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Benefit ginger spice in ready prepared and sold as ready-made meals in a package so it is often easy to generalize food as a breakfast, lunch and dinner, with out much attention to the specific ingredients.  By adding lots of ingredients together, it is assumed that it gets better, what ever that may mean, but mostly the objective is about “FLAVOR”.  various ingredients are minced together to form the filling for sausages, chicken cuts  are; stuffed, marinated, coated, battered, crusted, crumbed so that the product becomes more attractive and desirable.   Does it work?  Yes in part it does, it can become more attractive and also add more flavor to the plain white flesh of chicken.  But that is not the full story when we look at food as nutrition and evaluate the long term effects of eating foods that are either healthy or unhealthy.Roblox HackBigo Live Beans HackYUGIOH DUEL LINKS HACKPokemon Duel HackRoblox HackPixel Gun 3d HackGrowtopia HackClash Royale Hackmy cafe recipes stories hackMobile Legends HackMobile Strike Hack

Food should be viewed as essential nutrients for all systems of the body.

There are also individual food ingredients that have their own nutritional properties; carbohydrates, protein, fats, fiber, water, minerals, vitamins, macro and micro nutrients.  By looking at individual food ingredients for their nutritional value, and how they are directly linked to the needs of the eleven systems of the human body, this is a direct approach to meet the essential demands of the human body.

The pleasure of consuming food, and consumer Marketing.

There is basic core food for the nutritional needs of the body.  Then there is also the entertainment trivial illusion of food presentation, if it crosses over the line from having nutritional adding value and being healthy,  to unhealthy. Why is that?   It is because of the business interests in selling food.  Selling food from a business perspective rather than nutritional perspective.

The nutritional benefits of the ginger spice in raw vegetable salads.

There are many thousands of fine ingredients that by themselves they have many health benefits, ginger is one of them. Whether eating it raw in a salad or as a spice in a dish it does contain health aiding qualities, here are some of them.
The properties of ginger and the source of micro nutrients are many; magnesium, Manganese, Potassium, Copper, Vitamin B6.

Medical benefits of the ginger spice.

The health benefits of the ginger spice are many, the remedy for common ailments can be alliterated with the consumption of ginger, e.g: alleviate nausea, arthritis, anti inflammatory agent, stimulate digestion, reduce respiratory problems, motion sickness, anti ovary cancer agent, lowers cholesterol, anti oxidant properties, prevents migraines, prevents blood clots, cold and flu prevention and treatment.

Really easy way to enjoy the benefits of the ginger spice is to prepare ginger tea using fresh ginger, lemon juice and honey, enjoy food ingredients  that are actually really good for you.

Use fresh ginger, lemon and honey tea as a beverage

Fresh ginger, lemon and honey tea is great for  a cold winter warmer, winter time is great for reading when the weather is too awful to be going outdoors in the rain. The eye vision can be under a lot of stress if it is over used with long days on the computer station or reading without tea breaks.  Eye vision health is important to consider, learn how to improve eye vision and how to maintain a healthy eye vision for life, visit this link for more details.

Benefit ginger spice

Physical exercise

Physical exercise should be part of everyday activities

Find out how many calories this routine burns @ Like us on Facebook: to get our newest workout videos & more.

Physical exercise or activity for each day is essential for maintaining a good level of overall health.

Physical exercise is one part of dynamic life that is generally accepted and being the essential element of being healthy, by being physically mobile.  Also a good night sleep with plenty of rest is a desirable goal at the end of the day.

Physical exercise
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Busy life style of some people along with commitments to work can eat up the time so that there is no time left in a day to enjoy quality physical activities outdoors.  For others the work day is filled with so much physical activities that the body is overly tired from it all, so therefore quality rest is the most appropriate in keeping the body healthy.  For others, it may be work at a computer desk all day in an office with very little physical movement, then the most sensible thing after work may be to go out and play team sport, or a walk, jog, climb or a run for 30-45 minutes, or more depending on the fitness level and the time available before other commitments.

Physical exercise can be seasonal at some parts of the world.

The seasons and a particular time of the year is also more conducive to physical activities in some part so f the world, i would imagine that in the Pacific areas recreational activities outdoors are fairly pleasant all year round, and on the other hand in the far Northern and southern hemispheres the winter season is less pleasant for outdoor activities, unless there is a keen interest in the winter sports.

Physical exercise is at it’s best when combined with fun sports.

Physical activities can  be fun and exciting in all of the seasons, especially when being in active with a group or solo sports game.  Sports can be played anywhere in the world, if there is the motivation and the will to get physically active, also to do things outdoors and even spend time indoors exercising when the weather is not so pleasant.

Stimulating exercises for eye vision with series of eye vision charts

Physical exercise routine does great things for the physical body, it keeps the engine running smoothly, all parts inter connected performing as one unit. There are also eye vision exercises that stimulate a healthy eye vision.  The 100% Natural Eye Vision program offers numerous exercises to enhance the eye vision by doing user friendly routine that stimulate the entire eye vision. Many of the exercises are uncanny,  meaning that the eye vision exercises stimulaate at the very core of the eye lens mechanism, projection and simulation. Focus close up, focus far away, sharpen focus, release focus, etc. Do visit this link provided and see what is being offered for htose that are interested in how to improve their eye vision naturally.

Beta Carotene

Beta Carotene is the orange colored pigment with important antioxidant properties

Carrots for healthy vision — who hasn’t heard this by now? There’s no denying the fact that beta-carotene is one of the most effective nutrients when it com…

Beta Carotene as a nutrient is very effective in supporting the health of the eyes, including the protection of the cornea, the thin outer clear layer on the front of the eye pupil.

Beta Carotene is a strong antioxidant and it can also be converted into vitamin A by the cells of the body.

Beta Carotene pigment compounds can be found in many fruit and vegetables, and they are all fantastic ingredients for everybody to enjoy, all it takes is a plan for a shopping list, then a visit to the local farmers markets or the grocery.

Fresh fruit and vegetables are very affordable in comparison to other food ingredients, e.g meats, cheese, seafood etc, so load up on the fruit and vegetables because they are loaded with so many health benefits and they also taste great for those that can discern and enjoy the diverse taste of raw fruit and vegetables, and the best part is that they are produced by mother Nature, so do use and enjoy it.

Beta Carotene
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Beta Carotene, the orange colored food pigment, protects the retina of the eye.

Whether eating raw carrot sticks, steamed, grilled, roasted or boiled puree carrot soup, the orange colored Beta Carotene will find it’s way into the blood stream from the stomach, and to the back of the eye which is called the retina.  Beta Carotene is antioxidant that protects against free radicals and also from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Most bright colored fruit and vegetables contain antioxidants.

The Fruit and Vegetables contain plant chemicals which are called; Lutein and Zeaxanthin and they are strong antioxidants that are fighting against the free radicals to keep the systems of the physical body healthy and free.

Natural Eye Vision Program enhances healthy eye vision

Beta Carotene pigment filled fresh fruit and vegetables is a vital component ensuring a healthy eye vision.  The second important component is a healthy active dynamic lifestyle, eliminating the negatives and accentuate the positives.  The third are is understanding the eye vision system, the only way to ensure that the eye vision system is not being damaged by any elements that may cause damage, is to understand what it is, how it works and how to maintain it properly.  The basic areas to consider are:

  • work environment
  • extended work hours
  • a computer workstation and ergonomics
  • balanced essential nutrients
  • clean water and fresh air
  • lifestyle

Fresh fruit and vegetables and Beta Carotene pigments are all important to make the healthy eye vision perform at optimal condition and to ensure that the eye vision continues on for a lifetime.  Learn more how to improve healthy eye vision information from this link provided.