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Lycopene is an antioxidant

Lycopene isn’t just one of the most popular members of the carotenoid family; it’s also one of the most beneficial. Red in color, Lycopene is what essentiall…

The Lycopene pigment compound is stunning bright red as a ruby and it packs a real mean punch for the healthy cell molecules against the villains that break cells down named; Singlet Oxygen radicals.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Lycopene is a Carotenoid, that gives many fruit and vegetables their red color.

The fruit and vegetables with bright red compound pigments are the ones to add to the grocery list and to your family menu.  These are essential nutrients that the body does not produce, they need to find their way from the farmer, to the markets and to the educated consumers shopping basket, and finally to the dinner table, where these essential nutrients can be shared and enjoyed for good health.  Enjoy eating the bright red fruit and vegetables, knowing that they really help the body cells to survive from the attacks of the free radicals.

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Lycopene is powerful antioxidant found in foods.

The foods that have the most concentrated Lycopene content are these:

  1. Cooked and sun dried tomatoes
  2. Guavas (pink or red color)
  3. Watermelon
  4. a grapefruit (pink and red)
  5. Dried parsley and basil
  6. Persimmons
  7. Asparagus
  8. Liver
  9. Chilli powder
  10. Red cabbage
  11. Papay
  12. And other tomato products; puree, sauce, soup and ketchup

Lycopene is insoluble in water and dissolves only in organic solvents and oils.

You may have noticed if preparing tomato sauce with a white apron on splashes of tomato from the simmering pot will stain fabric unless rinsed and washed while it is still a fresh stain.  But if using a white ice cream contain to store ready-made tomato sauce or soup, then the container will stain and be white again.  This is why tomato sauce containers are either made of glass or red colored plastic.

Because of the insoluble in water structure, lycopene in food preparations will stain porous material, including fabrics, plastics and timber. While a tomato sauce stain can be removed from fabric. Lycopene diffuses into plastic, making it impossible to remove with detergent and water.

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Carotenoids  are really important for disease prevention

Have you ever wondered why your favorite fruits and vegetables display such a fascinating spectrum of colors? It’s not by coincidence. The specific shade of …

The bright rainbow colored Fruit and Vegetables are actually pigments called the Carotenoids, the pigments contain strong antioxidant properties.

The most common Carotenoids currently known.

Four of the most common Carotenoids are; Beta-carotene, Lutein, Lycopene, Astaxanthin.   They are also called; Phytonutrient Antioxidants.  Lipid soluble Organic compounds. These Carotenoids are also vital for a healthy eye vision.

The humongous vast research done over many years on human health has yielded results that prove that the Carotenoids do positively affect the quality of life.  Particularly the; Cardiovascular & Immune system support.  Also the; Healthy Vision & Respiratory function.

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The carotenoids are teeming with compounds that have been shown to positively affect the quality of life.

In our modern world, we can make use of the research already done, and also be selective in our grocery shopping en devours, choosing those ingredients that have been scientifically proven to have a positive effect on the quality of life over a long term.  Think about the many health benefits of the rainbow colored Carotenoids, next time you are shopping for healthy Fruit & Vegetables.

Mother nature has colored fruit and vegetables bright colored, to get your attention on the health benefits of Carotenoids.

Planning and selecting plenty of fruit and vegetables with healthy Carotenoids, while grocery shopping is very easy, they are naturally appealing because of their delicious flavors.  But the sufficient quantities are not always realized. 5-8 servings of fruit and vegetables per day is said to be the norm for a healthy food diet.  A large orange or an apple can be 2 servings of fruit. Vegetables should also be used in several ways; raw as in salads, raw vegetable sticks for snacks, and cooked vegetables with main courses and soups. Carotenoids are available in many fruit and vegetables, by increasing the amount that people eat per day, it then provides many health benefits long term.

Antioxidants food ingredients

 Antioxidants food ingredients are essential for a healthy diet

Dr. Oz talks about the importance of antioxidants. You can neutralize 1000000 free radicals per second by taking 1 Protandim daily.

Antioxidants food ingredients are  found naturally, it also helps to protect the fruit and vegetables while being exposed to the elements and insects while growing outdoors in nature, e.g. fruit and vegetables.

Antioxidants food ingredients
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Antioxidants food ingredients

Organic fruit and vegetables are said to be richer in the Antioxidant levels.
If the fruit and vegetables are organically grown, it is said to foster the natural Antioxidant levels in the fruit and vegetables for self-protection, unlike fruits and vegetables that are sprayed with herbicides and insecticides, that kill off weeds and insects, it sure sounds logical.

The colorful pigments of fruit and vegetables are also a sign of the antioxidants being present. Beta-carotene is the orange colored pigment of carrots, that the body turns into vitamin C which is an antioxidant found in the eyes.  Lutein and Zeanxanthine are antioxidant pigments found in bright green and yellow in fruit and vegetables, they accumulate in the back of the eye (retina) to protect the eye from the dangers of blue light.

Antioxidants food ingredients are important part of the overall good health balance.

Colorful fruit and vegetables with many Antioxidants in foods can be found at most farmers markets and fruit and vegetable stalls, they are brightly colored for a good reason. They are a choice food that should be targeted, chosen, purchased and consumed.  There are soft fruits, hard fruits, stone fruits, grapes, berries, nectarines and citrus fruits just to name a few, it is a no brainer to start using natural fruit and vegetables more so in the daily diet, they are a core part of the Antioxidants food ingredients group.

Antioxidants food ingredients are part of the natural Eye Vision Program

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Eye health pigment compounds

Eye health pigment compounds

Whenever we are outside we are exposed to the damaging ultralight sun-rays…Mother Nature laces our fruit and vegetables with lots of colorful compounds, and two pigments that naturally occur in foods are; Lutein and Zeaxanthin, accumulate in the tissue of the back of the eye, and offer protection as blue light filters.

Eye health pigment compounds of fruit and vegetables assist good health.

The colorful pigments of Lutein and Zeaxanthin color the world of fruit and vegetables, with bright yellow pigment hues to green vegetables like kale, spinach, peas, and corn, just to name a few.  The bright orange pigment found in carrots is called Beta carotene, which the human body converts to vitamin A. The Beta carotene is also in other bright yellow/orange fruit and vegetables like; sweet potato, squash, apricot, papaya, and mango. Vitamin C found in fruit and vegetables is also really important for eye health, it provides protection by being an antioxidant agent.

Mother Nature, Eye health pigment compounds.

Mother Nature uses the brush and the color pallet for a reason, it is worth our time to study, learn, research and discover what is behind the bright colors.

Why are the colors so bright and attractive on the fruit and vegetables, similar to that of flowers?

It may be that by being visible in nature, the odds are much higher to be noticed and consumed by the fauna, and by being consumed at the time of ripening there is the natural  cycle of relocation and propagation of the seeds.   But the pigment compounds can also contribute to a good preventative health care naturally.

Natural protection from fruit and vegetables from the harms of ultraviolet rays.

Eye health pigment compounds for healthy vision should be taken seriously, the eyes need protection at work and play, even the ultralight rays of the sun can be damaging, this happens during the summer months when our earth is the closest to the sun by the orbit axis tilt, and during the summer when snow winter sports are enjoyed outdoors there is a lot of glare being reflected off the snow onto the eyes.  The same applies with; swimming,  water sports and boating, water is a great reflector of the ultralight sun rays onto the eyes.  Protect your eyes by; visit your optometrist once a year,  whether at work or play, think eye health, by eating daily a balanced diet of nutrients, covering up with sunglasses and wearing a wide brim hat during the summer scorchers.

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Eye health pigment compounds
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