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Antioxidants food ingredients

 Antioxidants food ingredients are essential for a healthy diet

Dr. Oz talks about the importance of antioxidants. You can neutralize 1000000 free radicals per second by taking 1 Protandim daily.

Antioxidants food ingredients are  found naturally, it also helps to protect the fruit and vegetables while being exposed to the elements and insects while growing outdoors in nature, e.g. fruit and vegetables.

Antioxidants food ingredients
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Antioxidants food ingredients

Organic fruit and vegetables are said to be richer in the Antioxidant levels.
If the fruit and vegetables are organically grown, it is said to foster the natural Antioxidant levels in the fruit and vegetables for self-protection, unlike fruits and vegetables that are sprayed with herbicides and insecticides, that kill off weeds and insects, it sure sounds logical.

The colorful pigments of fruit and vegetables are also a sign of the antioxidants being present. Beta-carotene is the orange colored pigment of carrots, that the body turns into vitamin C which is an antioxidant found in the eyes.  Lutein and Zeanxanthine are antioxidant pigments found in bright green and yellow in fruit and vegetables, they accumulate in the back of the eye (retina) to protect the eye from the dangers of blue light.

Antioxidants food ingredients are important part of the overall good health balance.

Colorful fruit and vegetables with many Antioxidants in foods can be found at most farmers markets and fruit and vegetable stalls, they are brightly colored for a good reason. They are a choice food that should be targeted, chosen, purchased and consumed.  There are soft fruits, hard fruits, stone fruits, grapes, berries, nectarines and citrus fruits just to name a few, it is a no brainer to start using natural fruit and vegetables more so in the daily diet, they are a core part of the Antioxidants food ingredients group.

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