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Eye health pigment compounds

Eye health pigment compounds

Whenever we are outside we are exposed to the damaging ultralight sun-rays…Mother Nature laces our fruit and vegetables with lots of colorful compounds, and two pigments that naturally occur in foods are; Lutein and Zeaxanthin, accumulate in the tissue of the back of the eye, and offer protection as blue light filters.

Eye health pigment compounds of fruit and vegetables assist good health.

The colorful pigments of Lutein and Zeaxanthin color the world of fruit and vegetables, with bright yellow pigment hues to green vegetables like kale, spinach, peas, and corn, just to name a few.  The bright orange pigment found in carrots is called Beta carotene, which the human body converts to vitamin A. The Beta carotene is also in other bright yellow/orange fruit and vegetables like; sweet potato, squash, apricot, papaya, and mango. Vitamin C found in fruit and vegetables is also really important for eye health, it provides protection by being an antioxidant agent.

Mother Nature, Eye health pigment compounds.

Mother Nature uses the brush and the color pallet for a reason, it is worth our time to study, learn, research and discover what is behind the bright colors.

Why are the colors so bright and attractive on the fruit and vegetables, similar to that of flowers?

It may be that by being visible in nature, the odds are much higher to be noticed and consumed by the fauna, and by being consumed at the time of ripening there is the natural  cycle of relocation and propagation of the seeds.   But the pigment compounds can also contribute to a good preventative health care naturally.

Natural protection from fruit and vegetables from the harms of ultraviolet rays.

Eye health pigment compounds for healthy vision should be taken seriously, the eyes need protection at work and play, even the ultralight rays of the sun can be damaging, this happens during the summer months when our earth is the closest to the sun by the orbit axis tilt, and during the summer when snow winter sports are enjoyed outdoors there is a lot of glare being reflected off the snow onto the eyes.  The same applies with; swimming,  water sports and boating, water is a great reflector of the ultralight sun rays onto the eyes.  Protect your eyes by; visit your optometrist once a year,  whether at work or play, think eye health, by eating daily a balanced diet of nutrients, covering up with sunglasses and wearing a wide brim hat during the summer scorchers.

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Eye health pigment compounds
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