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Decision training

Decision training course available on  a series of 8 Audio Video training modules.

Decision making training video training course available from this link at http://www.bestdecisioncoach.com.

Decision training video course is a great refresher to sharpen up decision-making skills

There are all sorts of decisions that people make without thinking twice about it, because of the memory capacity to store information from previous knowledge and experiences, one experience can store useful information for when needed.

It is important to know a reliable process in decision making.  Using personal values, moral values, and a list of ideas to consider as a tool in the decision-making process. The creative path to finding a solution to a problem is with the help of a checklist.  Creative decision making allows the mind to invent new creative ideas, links, leads, structure and new concepts in thinking.

Decision training skills with confidence

Having a well thought out plan of a decision-making process in decision making allows you to improve your decision-making confidence.  It is important to focus on the process of decision making and not so much on the decision problem when faced with issues that demands action.
Humans can evaluate and reflect on the moments of decision, that was made in the past, whether the result was a desirable one, or a negative one.  Decision, can also to have a negative outcome but still be the best decision that was made at the time with the available information.  It is also called a “reflection”.  Intuition has its role in the decision-making process. Good decision making begins with logic and intuition.  Evaluating a problem analytically, looking at it logically but these alone may not reveal the core of the problem, so creativity can be used to animate the issue, to expand a list of ideas that open up the range of possibilities.


Decision training
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The goal of decision training

The goal of this Decision training course is to have a set of guidelines and values that the decision-making process can be based on so that decision making is effective and right.   Here are some important points:

  • To have the confidence of knowing that you made the best choice
  • Know when you made the best decision
  • You can know that you made the best decision
  • How to make a confident decision
  • A confident decision maker also has the courage to act
  • And knowing after the decision has been made that it still stands, there are no regrets, because it was the best decision at the given time.

Decision training is not really new, it happens a lot during the education years at school and training, the environment of the education is packed with courses, demands, classes, lectures, exams and more.  The opportunities for decision making are there but a personal decision-making skill may be lacking, not being aware that there is a short route and a long route between the objective goal and destination.

Decision training for personal competence

The study modules of a college course is a good example how to get through it and pass the exams.  To see the big picture at the start is really important, an outline of the semester, or semesters, does help to plan out the work, weeks and months that are up ahead.  There are moments when decisions have to stick, and be very decisive, time management is one of them. Personal discipline for a study is another one that makes or breaks the course outcome. There should be a continual progress is learning, understanding the material that is being presented, and processing that information sensibly and coming up with answers and solutions to the critical questions that is being presented as a challenge to share a point of view, and to pass the test criterion with flying colors.