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How to improve eyesight

How to improve eyesight

While it is true that visiting the optometrist every year is an ideal practice, you are not limited to just your contact lenses if you want to improve your vision. We must all remember that our eyes are still organs, even if they don’t perform complex processes like the heart and the kidneys do. As organs, the eyes can still be supported through lifestyle changes, diet modification, etc.

There are many ways to improve health, including the health of the eyesight,  it is important to have an honest evaluation of ones health, a reliable reference point, according to age, height, personal history and body type.  It is too easy to drop the ball and stay physically active in our modern world with all the convenience of transport, entertainment, digital communication devices, fast food restaurants, bars and clubs.  Keeping physically active outdoors for leisure is really important part for the body.  Most people understand the importance of exercise for their pet dog, but not really associate the importance of exercise for their own body, it is a sad scenario.

Planning ahead of grocery shopping is really important for choosing a  balanced diet and good eating habits.  Making a grocery list wll in advance before going shopping with all the food ingredients listed within the 7 groups of nutrition and matching them so that that all meals are proportioned to the energy needs of each day.

The groups are; Carbohydrates, protein, fats, fiber, water, minerals and vitamins.  Fruit and vegetables should be on the top of the list, because they are a great snack food, if there is fruit to be found on the table or the fridge then there is no need to go looking for unhealthy alternatives.  How to improve eyesight is possible through keeping your physical health in check and selectively adding food ingredients that are high in antioxidants, and by doing eye exercises.

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