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Preservation of investment capital

Preservation of investment capital is at the forefront of the priorities in the Winning trade System video training modules.

Preservation of capital is the number one priority in financial investing, number two priority is the patient wait for opportunity. http://bestinvestmentscoaching.com This video is part one…

Preservation of investment capital is vitally important

Preservation of investment capital is the number one priority to keep in mind when committing to trade in the markets, to make investments as an individual investor. But for many it is a process of trial and error, most traders that lose money in the trade, which is 98% of all traders in the market, trade with impulse, rumors, tips, and market volatility that has nothing to do with their planning.
Preservation of investment capital made possible with the Winning Trade System

The Winning Trade System training course that has been made available has a high strategic level competence training for trading in the stock market for profit with safe options.

Preservation of investment capital can be achieved with highly accurate results by using real life experience in trading with technique and tactics, here are two examples that are been made available as video training modules in the Winning Trade System. Teaching you to trade better, and helping you to understand the markets better as well as learning to be a safe trader.

  • SFW
  • Ration trading

The above two a highly advanced techniques that are being taught through video training series called the Winning Trade System, SFW is a system named Small frequent wins, a technique using small safe investments, it is an income generating system that can be used daily for making income once the understanding and the competence level is reached to use it. Ration trading, somewhat similar to Para-trading, but it is not the same as Para-trading.
Short term investments

These are not long-term investments, but rather short-term investments, one to two days, or a week or possibly a month at the most, two of the high goals in this training course are:

  1.  Preservation of investment capital. No wild bets on the market. Not over trading. 98% of traders trade on impulse, rumors, tips, market volatility.
  2. Patience to wait, and learn to recognize the opportunities to profit, with techniques and systems that enable frequent small wins and bigger ones when a perfect set up occurs.

“A set up occurs under a specific circumstance, that gives you an opportunity to profit. ….. Using technique and systems to win….. using calculated strategic positions… where you carefully calculate the odds of success, in any of the trades that you take” . -Winning Trade System.

Preservation of investment capital
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What is the Winning Trade System?

Winning Trade System is a video training series with 16 videos that can be downloaded to a computer and viewed at your own pace and experience level, the training does not assume a previous stock and trade experience, it can be useful for experienced traders or for others that are just starting out in the learning process of trading. The training modules do require a keen interest in the stock market topic and attention span to match the training material in order to absorb the information and process the application so that understanding and competence level is achieved. The training video material do not push for any commitments to any particular investment or any particular stock or market brand, it is a training resource for profitable safe investing. Watch the preview of the introduction video of the series from this hyperlink.

Preservation of investment capital
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