Evolve your brain

Evolve your brain

Evolve your brain and the Science of Changing Your Mind.
Evolve your brain book has many fascinating topics, I agree that it is important to manage the brain with a clear objective mind.  I liked the practical examples used in the book.

Readers reviews: I had no trouble whatsoever relating to Dr. Dispenza’s descriptions of how the human brain functions. In fact, I found his no-nonsense discussions of the brain extremely refreshing and encouraging, especially in view of the fact that I was so sorely in need of obtaining a practical working model of why large-scale healing and personal change are even possible.

Evolve your brain is a fascinating topic, people have the freedom to choose their path in life by exercising their free will.  With the use of the invaluable life experience of the previous generation and the many generations before that it would seem that logically, the human health condition would continue to improve and the past individual errors and general mistakes in the society would not need to be repeated.  But the human person is rather complicated, it has many desires, wants, and aspirations, and at times, hell bent on reaching those goals regardless whether it is healthy or not.

Evolve your brain
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It is often said that people have a free will, but a question may be asked; free will over what?

Humans have five senses: visual eyesight of the eyes, audible sound hearing by the ears, the sense of smell by the nose, the sense of feel of a touch on the skin, and the taste buds on the tongue.  Humans also have appetites for learning, sharing, devoting, food, drink, sleep and rest, pleasure and sex.   Every person that is alive was conceived and given birth to and begun their life on the planet earth from the baby stage. At the baby the baby is dependent on an adult, at that stage, there is a parent or other adult person watching and supervising the baby so that the baby would survive and grow to the adult stage.  Step by step, starting from small steps and gradually increasing in size day by day, week by week, month after month and eventually year after year.  At all of these stages the free will is being shaped by the parents or the supervisors of the child. It does vary from child to child how their will is being shaped and trained in life to do that which the parent or the local village is training to do according to the general will. Knowing the difference between what is right and what is wrong.

Human grows and develops into maturity with the baggage of personal appetites.

When personal appetites take hold and increase over many years of time the free will of the individual was in charge making those specific decisions. It may be the flavor of a delicious watermelon or the color of a bright colored peach fruit or  the scent of a grilled lamb chop, they all pull the human heart with senses towards consuming and enjoying the food with pleasure. But these innocent pleasures can become perverted if the human life is obsessed by the pleasure of consuming them without any constraints.  If the human body sense for pleasure is obsessed with pleasure overriding the brain’s ability to think rationally then the free will of the brain has lost the battle to the demands of the bodies pleasure demands.

Human body pleasure demands over the rational brains and the free will.

The Evolve Your Brain book is interesting how it explains in scientific language what an addiction is, as defined by Joe that an addiction is when the body takes over the brain. This concept is not new, it has been preached from the religious pulpits for many thousands of years.  Teaching that the individual person is responsible for their actions, and also teaching about the virtues of self-control and self-discipline. Without self-control and self-discipline, the human person is less than human.

Do visit Amazon Books and Click to “LOOK INSIDE”, the preview section is large enough to get a good idea how it is written and what the topics are.

About the Author.

Joe Dispenza, D.C., studied biochemistry at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey. He received his Doctor of Chiropractic Degree at Life University in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Dispenza’s postgraduate training and continuing education have been in neurology, neuron physiology, and brain function. Dr. Dispenza has authored several scientific articles on the close relationship between brain chemistry, neuron physiology, and biology, and their roles in physical health. Dr. Dispenza has a chiropractic practice in Rainier, Washington.

Evolve your brain concept  by Joe Dispenza is fascinating to think over, I like the way that he zero’s in on the thinking mind ability to concentrate and to focus, also to think outside the current real time of events.  The ability to decide whether to take action or not to take action. Ability to plan the shortest route to the given goal, Evolve your brain could he efficient use of time in making progress in personal development, mind mastering over the body. See Online Eyesight Test for ideas on healthy Eye Vision.

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