Science of changing your mind

 The Science of changing your mind explained by Joe Dispenza.

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Science of changing your mind is a possibility

The Science of changing your mind and the ever changing Brain-body connections is a fascinating topic to study.
This video is really interesting listening, it points out how the mind is able to transcend the physical brain, and how reinforced habits become a physical expansion of the brain to the entire body, commanding over the executive mind, if the physical habits are not constrained with self control over the physical body.

Science of changing your mind
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Self-discipline with creative proactive thinking can make new connections.

Joe Dispenza points in the Science of changing your mind book that to bring about change in a personal life, it has to be initiated with a consciousness of the situation and to think greater than what is the given norm and normal patterns.  Similarly to; knowingly being lost inside a maze, the confusion of the maze should not confuse the mind, but to see outside of the maze with a clear perspective.  The immediate environment can confuse, if allowing the brain to get all of the confusing attention. Being selective with the willful mind on what information data the brain gets to store, or changing the environment, or relocating to a more cohesive environment.

Here is a link to this great book:

Evolve Your Brain: The Science of Changing Your Mind.

Here is a quote from the book The science of changing your mind:

We humans have a unique capacity to change.  It is via the frontal lobe that we go byond the preprogrammed behavious that are genetically compartmentalized within the human brain, the recorded history of our specie’s past.  Because our frontal lobe is more evolved than any other species on earth, we have tremendous adaptability, and with it come choice, intent, and full awareness.  We posess and advanced bit
of biotechnology that allows us to learn from our mistakes and shortcomings, to remember, and to modify our behavior so that we can do a better job in life.

Also that humans have a Divine aspect, that gives humans the right to design and change their own lives the way they want.

Science of changing your mind is made by the decision making process

The decision making process is a vital part of the free will, intelectual consciouness and self awareness to think, observe, plan a course and to take action. Intelligent ideas should become a goal inlife, if they are noble, moral and have include grace and human good will.

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