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Eye vision health and computer

Eye vision health and computer in the new age of technology

Optometrist describing eye health:Vision and computers. Dr. Adatia from Calgary is a member of OSI, Canada’s Largest Network of Optometrists.  Here are some helpful tips to take the sting out of computer use.

Eye vision health and computer connection may not be made by everyone until becoming aware of ergonomics, position is everything according to  Dr. Adatia.  The work position at the office computer desk should consider the position of the chair, monitor, keyboard and paper work.

Eye vision health and computer
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Eye vision health and computer does have a ergonomic consequence.

The modern day technological digital revolution of computers has changed the labor work for ever, now there are new ergonomic challenges to tackle.  The shift is from a very active physical work day, to that which is stationery at a computer work station.  This is not the first time it has happened, the first time started with the industrial revolution, and the technology has been progressively developing more refined machines and methods to reduce physical labor in order to save time and labor costs.No longer are people plowing the filed with a horse driven plow, and manually planting potatoes into the soil, which was 100% physical work 8-10 hours per day under the open sky. For a long time now fields are plowed with machines, fertilized and the planting done also mechanically.

Stationary work station with a Eye vision health  and computer screen.

Eye vision health and computer in the typical modern day work station is a confined area with very limited physical movements during the work process.  Hands typing text on the keyboard and the mouse hand directing the pointer on the monitor screen.  Eyes constantly observing the work being done on the monitor screen. There are no pedals for the feet to work, at lest at this moment in time, maybe when the computer work gets more demanding then the use of foot pedals will be introduced. They are already being used when driving motor vehicles, using a sowing machine, playing piano, organ, or playing electric a guitars. So it is just a matter of time for the computer operating system to come up with a new windows system, and maybe call it the Windows 4.

Eye vision health and computer needs close attention, and Online Eyesight Test resources.

Online Eyesight test for Eye vision health  and computer analysis reveals that the amount of time required for work at a computer station per day, week, month and a full year is enormous. It done bring about physical changes to the  worker confined to that stress especially if there is no in house training on ergonomics.  Work and health ergonomics is needed for every work industry, because over time work brings about physical changes, they may be for better or for the worse. Eye vision health and computer connection is here to stay, it will shape the human mind, spirit and body similarly as in the past by the preoccupation that humans have had with their tools and toys.