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Retina human vertebrate

 Retina human vertebrate  eye anatomy cross cut illustrated, and the functions explained

The Retina human vertebrate is the innermost tunic of the Eyeball, the neural tunic.

 Retina human vertebrate eye, consist of inner neural layer and a outer pigmented layer.  The inner neural layer contains the photo receptors, both rods and cones that detect light, as well as the neurons that the photo receptors stimulate in order to send signals to the brain.

The Retina human vertebrate anatomy:

  • Choroid
  • Pigmented epithelium
  • Photoreceptors: rods and cones.
  • Neurons: Retinal ganglion cells, bi-polar cells.
  • Optic nerve axons.
  • Amacrine cells.
  • Bipolar cells
  • Horizontal cells
Retina human vertebrate
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The  photoreceptors constantly release glutamate and stops when it hyperpolarizes.

Bipolar cell are neurons which it’s dendrite photo receptors synapse with, and which axion synapse with Retinal ganglion cells.
When a Photoreceptor absorbs a photon it hyper polarizes, and stops producing glutamate, the change is detected by the bipolar cells, and the information passed on to the Gnaglian cells.

Horizontal cells are neurons that run perpendicular to the bipolar cells and are located where the photo receptors synapse with the bipolar cells, like the Amacrite cells the Horizontal cells can facilitate or inhibit signaling between the photoreceptors and the Retinal gnaglion cells.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Transduction occurs in the photoreceptors all other neurons; bipolar, ganglion, horizontal and amacrine interact with synapses.

Retina human vertebrate eye gets more and more fascinating as the information and knowledge unfold it’s hidden secrets. From the outer choroid layer to the inner neurons the Retina human vertebrate is a marvel.

Retina human vertebrate eye has many nutritional needs

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